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Thorn Township Trustee race too close to call



N EW LEX I NGTON – Voters selected a new Thornville mayor, although unoff icial results revealed a fairly close vote. The race for Thor n Township Trustee couldn’t have been much closer and won’t be decided until provisional votes are counted and the results certified.

In Thor nville, mayoral candidate Gavin Renner defeated candidate Richard T. Daniels 150 votes to 130. Mayor Beth Patrick did not seek another term .

Renner said he would wait for congratulations until the provisional ballots are counted, but assuming he wins the official vote as well he thanked village residents for voting for him and providing him the opportunity to serve the community “ in various ways over the years,” he said. Renner also thanked his wife, Mary and their daughters for their support and friend, Scott Bender for convincing him to run.

“For the next few months, I’d like to get to know more residents,” said Renner. “The election was pretty close, so I want to make sure I understand all questions and concerns from all residents.” He said he’ll prepare for his administration in the days leading up to Jan. 1. “We need to fill an empty council seat and rebuild the zoning and planning commission, too,” said Renner. “I have some questions about the impact to the village budget that will result from state level budget changes. That’ll likely be our key issue for the first 100 days.”

Mary Renner ran unopposed for one of two seats that were open on council, receiving 209 votes. The mayor will appoint someone to fill the remaining position.

Both Thorn Township Trustee Dick Boring and trustee candidate Rober t Coleman must wait until the provisional votes are counted before anyone celebrates. Coleman razor-edged incumbent Boring by one vote – 690 to 689. “It’s not over yet,” said Coleman. “It was a shot in the dark.” He said he would just wait until the provisional votes are counted before commenting further. “Let the votes come in,” said Coleman.

“It is what it is,” said the one- ter m incu mbent, who said he believed there are 11 provisional votes to tally. “I’m disappointed,” he said, adding that he expected a “rough fight.

“We’ll just have to wait,” said Boring.

Incumbent Thorn Township Fiscal Officer Billie Dearlove won a second term, defeating challenger Jason Emmert 717 votes to 578. Dearlove was appointed fiscal officer in 2007, but has since won two elections, including the Nov. 8 vote. “I was pretty excited,” she said. Dearlove said the township will face cuts in state funding during this term. “But, Thorn Township is fiscally fit,” she said. Her goal is to make sure no one spends township money unnecessarily, whether the township is “fiscally fit” or not.

Northern Local School District School Board incumbents Dale DeRolph and Nancy Fox retained their positions, defeating challenger Charlotte Ashcraft. De- Rolph lead with 2330 votes, Fox garnered 2168, and Ashcraft received 1286.

Elsewhere in the Perry County:

• Glenford’s one mill roads and bridges levy was approved by a 46 – 16 vote. Glenford’s one and five tenths mills levy passed 38 votes to 24, and Glenford’s 2.3 mill current expenses levy passed 33 votes to 29.

• Somerset’s four mill renewal police levy passed 315 votes to 125.

• Incumbent Somerset Mayor Tom Johnson defeated challenger Cynthia Grimm 285 votes to 154. On Somerset’s council, incumbent Bill Mohler retained his seat with 313 votes, but candidate Linda Henery defeated incumbent Richard Strohl, 202 votes to 165. On Somerset’s public affairs board, incumbent James Wilson retained his seat with 273 votes and candidate Richard Pettit won an open seat with 230 votes.

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