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This week’s dam update



BUCKEYE LAKE – Crane Lake and Picnic Point may reopen in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

The bridge over the short channel to the main lake is back in place and a subcontractor was finishing an asphalt walkway on Thursday. Installation of the sheet steel barrier between Crane Lake and the main lake has been complete for a couple of weeks. Rip rap along the Crane Lake side was still being placed Friday morning.

Dam front residents and tow path walkers have seen short pinkish fuzzy markers crop up along the stability berm. They appear every four or five feet.

A bore hole rig, middle photo below, has been drilling approximately 20 feet deep holes into the buttress wall. A specially treated, approximately 16 foot long steel rebar segment (see the bottom photo) is being placed into each bore hole which is then filled with concrete.

Reportedly, these rebar concrete columns will be installed the entire length of the new dam to help stabilize the buttress wall. Most of the work is already done between the North Shore Park and the AMIL spillway. The left photo below shows the top of the concrete/steel columns near the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.











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