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This week’s dam project update



BUCKEYE LAKE – While DeWind Deep Trenching continues to install the 10-foot wide buttress wall behind the two-foot wide seepage barrier, The Ruhlin Company, the project’s other large subcontractor, has shifted its focus to steel sheet pile driving.

In the top photo, 42-foot long steel sheet piles are being prepared for installation at Crane Lake. In the bottom photo about 10-12 feet of steel sheet pile has been installed behind the steel sheet seawall. The red piece of equipment on the left is a vibratory hammer that is suspended from a crane. That model is called the “Exciter,” producing 1,600 vibrations per minute with a dynamic force of 182 tons. It didn’t operate much this week, presumably due to the strong winds.

New steel sheet piling was also being installed at the Buckeye

Lake Yacht Club this week. Another type of a vibratory pile driver was at work there. It appears that the former bridge that preserved its status as an island is being replaced by a steel sheet pile connection to the now much wider dam.



A new steel sheet pile wall is also being constructed at the AMIL spillway in Buckeye Lake Village. It is expected to be part of the new channel feeding the small spillway.

The Blue Iron unit working there is called the “Silent-Piler,” using the hydraulically powered “Press-In” method. It does not create the excessive noise associated with hammer pile drivers or the excessive vibrations created by the vibratory drivers.

These “quiet” pile drivers provide a welcome respite to neighbors who have been subjected to months of around-the-clock construction noise.





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