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‘This here ain’t New York City’


I am responding to the article in the Saturday, May 28 edition of The Beacon concerning Thornville Mayor Renner’s pet chickens.

We have lived in Thornville for more than 10 years and until recently my neighbor has had several chickens on his property. The entire time these chickens had been residents of Thornville they were model citizens. They never barked all night, growled or acted hostile towards me or my family, or pooped in my yard like the loose running and leashed-with-owner dogs have.

These chickens never killed rabbits and other small critters and left the half eaten remains outside my garage and in my yard, pooped and urinated in my flower (weed) patch, or left dirty paw prints on my cars and porch like the loose running cats do regularly. They have never played loud music late into the night, sat in their cars drinking beer in front of my home, roared down the street in their hot rods, spray-painted graffiti on anyone’s property, broke into my cars, stolen items, or acted rude and snobbish, like we have experienced.

I would think that Thornville would welcome such mature citizens to be a part of our community. Lighten up people, this is a rural community, expect to see a cow, chicken, or coyote from time to time. This here ain’t New York City.

Jim Smith

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