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The monster arrives at Lieb’s Island



BUCKEYE LAKE – After a 13-month construction hiatus and a more than 90-day startup delay, the most important part of Phase II is finally here.

DeWind’s newly developed one pass trencher arrived at Lieb’s Island this week. It’s now 12- foot wide cutter head looks to be custom-designed to build the buttress wall behind Phase I’s seepage barrier.

We speculated last week that the massive soil mixer would have two arms to create the P-shaped buttress wall in one pass. We were wrong,

It consists of three side-by-side cutter blades. The outside blade – in the foreground in the nearby photo – is longer than the other two and will cut and mix the P’s leg. The other two on the inside will cut and mix the P’s body.

The three gray tubes – one over each of the three blades – are the cement and likely water supply tubes. Rather than using fixed Portland cement silos to supply the cement mix via lengthy rubber hoses as was done with the three augur machines during Phase 1, it appears that the specially designed trailer-mounted silo will move with the mixing unit. Portland cement loads would be delivered directly to the silo similar to how Phase I’s much smaller one pass trencher was supplied. It appears that the new trencher will back down the stability berm .





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