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The BLASST will go off July 3 despite huge fire


First and foremost, even though Hamburg Fireworks took a big hit last week with that huge fire, the BLASST will go off at 10 p.m. on July 3 from FairfieldBeach. Come hell or high water…in this case fire, Kenny Sprague and Mike Jolly always come through for us. What great people they are to work with.

Every year it seems some of the boats around the barge play their own music during the fireworks. My friend Jamie Schmidt fixed that problem by setting up speakers on the barge so loud I can’t hear anything else except the station we are paying for. Our special simulcast is on WNKO 101.7 FM. Please tune your radio to 101.7 FM so everyone can enjoy our special music.

I have a correction from last week’s letter. Patrick Blowers and Joe Skidmore came to my home last July 4 and gave a donation for this year. That made them the first donors in 2007. I had forgotten, but then I can’t remember my own name half the time.

Heron Bay had its 2nd Annual Poker Run. I’m told the social committee decided to donate half of the 50/50 money directly to the B.L.A.S.S.T. Thank you to the Heron Bay participants for the $155 dollar donation and thank you to Debbie Meyers especially. I’m glad you all had a good time while help this community. Please keep up the good fun!!!! You should know, many Heron Bay residents are very generous to BLASST. By the way, I’m sending a big kiss and hug to Patty & Dave and Henry & Allen.

Let me remind you that the tank tops and child-size t-shirts are only at Buckeye Lake Marina and Harbor Hills Country Club. I think we are out of medium women’s t-shirts completely and the rest are going fast. If you’re a collector you better move your feet. Also, we are about out of luminaries for you “Johnny come lately’s”! Again, while they last, the luminaries are at Millersport Marina and Buckeye Lake Hardware.

This is the last letter before our July 3 BLASST. I want to thank all everyone – businesses and individuals – who donate year after year to the greatest night show on earth. We got some new donors again this year and I thank you as well. Little by little, person by person, our community of donors gets larger each year. Some of the seniors on limited incomes who donate get my respect the most. Bud, Marty and I want to thank the donors for all the nice notes we got this year as well. It truly is our fuel.

Again thank you to everyone who bought a BLASST T-shirt, luminaries and flares. This lake is especially beautiful when everyone around the lake lights up with luminaries or flares. It’s kind of like a big birthday cake emphasizing the celebration of another patriotic year of freedom in America.

Ok, that’s it for this year! As always, your donations are tax deductible and we accept them before or after July 3. Please make out your check to BLASST and mail it to: 13284 West Bank Dr., Millersport Ohio 43046. From the Redneck women, Bud & Marty and I, please have a safe and Happy Holiday.

Victoria Wolfe


P.S. My thoughts are of Becky Borland and her family and, of course, a piece of my heart is always with the Parrish family.

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