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The BLASST is almost here


Well this weekend I found out a sure way to get me to be speechless. My blue-eyed friend Eddie Hulls handed me a microphone to thank all the folks participating in the Redneck golf outing, but all I could do is cry. The day was a wonder to me. I am so personally passionate about the BLASST anyway, but what I saw Saturday had me a sniveling idiot.

For and from this community, I want to thank Bud & Marty Springer, Eddie & Bev Hulls, the Red Neck Women, Harbor Hills Country Club, AMVETS Post 51 and especially the golfers. They gave and gave and then gave some more out of their pockets. What a generous lot these folks are year after year. Between the golfers and the bikers out here, I don’t know how anything would get done, fixed or helped without them. These are mostly hardworking people who understand what a benefit and giving back is all about. Some of them are bikers who play golf or golfers that bike. Either way that means they are giving generously at least twice a year, most likely more than that. What a blessing all of you are to this community. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I thank you one and all!

I want to thank Linda from National City and Gary from Millersport Pharmacy for being the first two to get your checks into my hands for BLASST. The J.W. Wolfe check came in early as well which always takes the pressure off of me when I sign that $45,000 fireworks contract.

The luminaries have arrived and can be purchased at Buckeye Lake Marina and Buckeye Lake Hardware. Each set is a string of ten luminaries on a 30 foot cord for $25 per set. There are also extra bags and bulbs available if you need them. Now if you’re a flare lover, they are available at Millersport Hardware. Please choose one or the other and help light up the lake on July 3.

This is the second to last letter before the big BLASST.

Victoria Wolfe BLASST Co-Chair

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