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The Beacon will save thousands of trees

Local landfills will also have a little more space. The Bag, if you get it, will be a little lighter. And some parakeets might end up with a dirtier cage.

After nearly 22 years, The Beacon is suspending print publication. Don’t get those champaign bottles out yet at ODNR, Hicks Partners, Buckeye Lake Village or the Buckeye Lake Fire Department. The Beacon is not disappearing!

We are facing financial reality and will be appearing exclusively on our long-time website – A broken contracted home delivery system leads the list of culprits. We know our contractor’s inability to consistently deliver The Beacon in our delivery area frustrated many readers and advertisers. Some lost patience with the continued missed or late deliveries.

Many of our advertisers have been hurt by the loss of two lake recreation seasons and the uncertainty about the future. ODNR’s answers to our questions last week on the front page were very unsettling. It was the first time they have referred to just ‘potential’ recreational boating during Phase 2. Phase 2 extends into 2019. That means two, possibly three more boating seasons are at risk.

Despite being given an opportunity in one question to at least acknowledge the devastating economic impact of another lost boating season, ODNR declined to do so in their very deliberate answers. ODNR continues to ignore the conditions on the ground, referring to summer evaporation as ‘possible.’ Readers know that summer evaporation is very real; the only variable is how many inches or feet will we lose. Shallower water heats up faster, so the impact from our summer temperatures will be exacerbated.

ODNR is actively managing the lake level and has a full-time dam tender to do it. Again missing from their answers last week is any pledge or even word that they will try to maintain a recreational boating season provided it doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the dam. No bones are being thrown.

Given these circumstances and ODNR’s consistent refusal to address the future with any specificity, a print edition is not economically sustainable. We know many readers love our ‘little paper.’ We like holding a paper, but many of us are doing a lot of reading on-line. Our website – – has tens of thousands of page views per month. Most snowbirds now stay up to date on ‘the lake’ via

We can’t abandon our community at its time of greatest need. Someone has to be the ‘bad cop,’ asking the tough questions and pointing out the mistakes and missed opportunities. Often calls to be ‘positive’ are really admonitions to ignore reality.

We are going to need your help to successfully make the transition to an exclusively on-line newspaper. We need you to stay engaged by writing letters to the letter, sharing your events and stories with us, buying ads and patronizing our advertisers and continuing to read The Beacon. Please remind local businesses you read The Beacon.

Like many local businesses, we’re cutting our expenses to the bone. Sadly, Scott Rawdon is leaving us after 15 years. He will be missed. With my increased responsibilities, we will be posting a new newspaper every other week for at least the November through April period. We anticipate updating obituaries and classifieds weekly. We still have a lot of details to work out in the coming weeks. Our next addition will be on line no later than Friday, Feb. 10. You can sign up on our website to receive an email notice and link when a new edition or story is posted. Click on “Get News Update” on the left side of the top menu bar at

Thank you for your support and comments – both positive and negative. We’ll be waiting for you at

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