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Thanks to Millersport Fire Department


I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to the Millersport Fire Department and Chief Bill Yates. They are an awesome group of people and our community is blessed to have them. Here’s why.

Last Friday, my family and I suffered the tragedy of losing our home to fire. It was terrible to rush home to see our home in flames. The only comfort to be had during those moments was to see the amazing firefighters, in the midst of intense wind conditions, bravely battling the fire to try to save our home. Thankfully none of us were inside our home at the time of the fire and my family and I are safe.

The quick response of our Millersport Fire Department made all the difference in saving some things that are very precious to us. My daughter is only 14 months old. Because of their hard work and compassion they were able to save photos of her that we would never have been able to replace. That may seem like a trivial thing to some, but to her mom and I it meant the world.

After the fire was out and the firefighters were gone, I decided to stay to watch over things. I was amazed when about an hour later, the Millersport Fire Department returned to make sure everything was secure and no fire had rekindled. They not only returned that hour, they faithfully came every hour throughout the night to make sure everything was safe.

We are so fortunate to have this group of fire fighters in our community. What they do goes way beyond fighting fires. They show compassion and never hesitate to lend a hand. That comes from being great people and it also comes from excellent leadership from Chief Yates.

I will never be able to say “Thank you” enough!
Jason Coleman

Walnut Township

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