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Thanks to Fifth Quarter supporters


Fifth Quarter is over and I want to thank all the people who helped us out this year: New Zion Church; Christ Methodist Church; Faith Lutheran Church; Trinity Church; St. Michaels Church; and NOW Church.

Thanks for not only providing yummy cookies and sweets for the kids but also for lending a hand each Friday after the home Liberty Union football games!

Thanks to Subway for providing cookies each and every week!

Also thanks to PT’s Beverage Station and Fast Max for beverages. Pizza is a must have at this get together. Thanks to: Cristy’s Pizza, Pizza Ria’s, and Pizza Cottage, plus several others who either contributed money or pizzas.

Special thanks to: Chuck Keller; Edna Shreyer; B-Level; Taylor Trucking; Joel Grenne; Ed and Shirley Schaffner; Baltimore United Women’s Club; and Bob Kalish. Extra special thanks to the Baltimore Police Department for being there weekly. And one big thank you to Tim Phillips, who started this about 12 years ago. It has grown each year and is a great place for jr. and high school kids to eat, drink and have fun with their friends in a safe place.

Thanks to all the students for joining us. We love having you and thanks for helping with the nightly clean-up. See you in 2016!

Baltimore United Methodist Church

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