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Thanks to Basil firefighters


Often we fail to appreciate the people that protect us, our public servants. We want to give a big THANK YOU to the Basil Joint Fire Department (and all of the surrounding area fire departments) and the Basil Joint EMT’s for their prompt response to our emergency call.

On May 28, our barn caught on fire. Had they not responded quickly, we would have lost, at least, two more barns and lot of farm equipment. There were other buildings close by. Our THANKS also, to those passing by that called 9-1-1. Thanks people.

Just two nights before, the Basil Joint Emergency Squad responded and took Melvin to Mount Carmel East Hospital. Again thanks!

In 2010, we experienced a pole barn fire. This barn housed the farm shop and all of the farm tools and three farm trucks. Again, they responded in a quick manner and kept the fire contained to that one structure. Again thanks!

On all our calls for help they have acted quickly and very professionally to protect our property. They put their lives on the line to keep our losses at a minimum. Thanks men and women!

In the future, if levies to support our fire department are put on the ballot, I hope you will support them by voting YES! If you think you don’t want to vote for another levy THINK TWICE. You could be the next to need their services.

Prior to these two fires, we had never had any structural fires in our 69 years of marriage. But in a minute, literally, a fire can be raging!!! Say a prayer for these public servants and support them. THANKS BASIL JOINT FIRE DISTRICT!!!

Melvin and Leota Trimmer

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