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Thanks from the Dennis Channel Jr. family


We once again have a need to salute and thank the communities of Millersport and Buckeye Lake for being there to help us travel the hard road of the passing of Dennis Channel, Jr., on December 19th. God placed you all in Shawna and Dennis Kile and Tasha’s life four years ago, because He knew they would need you!

So many people helped us by sending prayers, flowers, cards, preparing and serving the food, clean-up, etc. To the many who braved the below zero weather to attend services at the church and then to travel to the graveside services, we truly appreciate your sacrifice. For the 21-gun salute, the playing of “taps”, the presentation of the wreath and flag to his parents for “Bubba’s” service to our country, we THANK YOU!

Releasing the doves was beautiful and its meaning helps to be glad for Bubba’s journey. It was difficult to thank each and everyone of you personally, so let me take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate all that you have done. The following poem, written by Dennis’ grandfather, Clint Fabry, epitomizes Dennis “Bubba” Channel. Thank You and God Bless You ALL!

“You can cry me a river, but I still can’t come back. you can curse your world, but it won’t change the fact.

You can die inside and dread the day that I went, Then you’ll misunderstand my call of duty’s intent.

I suffer and cried for eleven plus years, But look what I gave you behind those tears.

I gave you a child who made all of you proud, I gave you a boy who made you laugh out loud.

I gave you a son who showed you love and respect, I gave you a soldier who stood tall and erect.

So, bury your sorrows and be happy for me, For now I am where, I am supposed to be.

I am Army strong and healthy and my battle I’ve won, For I came as a stranger and left as your son.

If your sorrows still linger because I moved on, Then my mission has failed and you got it wrong.

Remember my purpose and be all you can be, If you love me you’ll do this in memory of me.

Live your life to the fullest and this I confess, if asked if I did so…I would answer… HELL YES!”

Karen Fabry for the Dennis Channel, Jr. Family

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