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Thanks from Big Haired Broads


We would like to thank the wonderful people who worked so hard for the Tips for Tots scavenger hunt on Oct. 25.

First, we want to thank the Redneck Women for their continuing charity work. We thank John Doneff of the Island House for sponsoring and hosting the event.

We’re the “Big Haired Broads” who won the hunt. Our win was due to the help and kindness of others – Millersport Pharmacy (our first stop) and Millersport General Store (our third stop). These people were totally awesome: Jeff and Mary Dupler, April Miller and friends, Michele at the Mill Dam Corner, Jim and Karen McKitrick of the Millersport Bait Store (our worm and chaw), Buckeye Lake Drive Thru and the Buckeye Lake bait store. Thanks so very much!

And finally, a very special thank you to Antique Lamps (affectionately known to us as the “lamp guy”) worked his butt off finding our requests. Dude, you rock! Thank you, thank you!
The Big Haired Broads
Beckie Diley
Becky Rice
Kirby Vanoster
Julie Keyes

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