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Thanks for supporting our students


I want to thank the wonderful and supportive voters of the Walnut Township School District for passing the school levy on Tuesday. This passage allows the administration and staff to focus on students now, instead of having to spend a lot of time and effort on strategies to pass another levy.

Our students receive such an excellent education and I am so proud to have had our son go through the school system with every opportunity possible to him, including football, basketball, track, club soccer, National Honor Society, Illumination Show Choir, band, Quiz Team, and several other clubs and organizations. What district can say a child can obtain and participate in these kinds of experiences? Millersport is where, and we thank all who voted to allow our future students to excel and exceed in whatever their hearts desire! They are our future!!!

As a retired teacher of 30 years, and a frequent sub at the high school, I know the district has been at bare bones financially, and yet, opportunities afforded our students never stopped. Some of them would have had to stop without the passage of this levy. Thank you, Walnut Township residents, for supporting our future and for making such a positive impact on our real estate values and future of our community!

Debbi Popo
Walnut Township

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