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Thanks for remembering swans in boat parade


I just want to say THANK YOU for the great fireworks show. I wore my BLASST t-shirt proud. It was just what our lake community needed.

I also want say thank you for the swan boat in the boat parade on Sunday. It was good to see that other residents feel the same way I do about the swans. We need to protect our swans.

As to Mr. Henricks’ letter, why should we be ashamed for letting the Gerllings know how we feel. They are the ones that want to kill part of our wildlife.

They could have left Samantha and her eggs alone for a couple of weeks and all this turmoil would have been avoided. Any mother will protect her young. So Mr Henricks, let’s put the blame where it belongs on the actions of your friends.

I am still collecting letters of support to be sent to our representative in Congress. We need to get some protection for our beautiful swans. We need Samantha’s Law.
Brenda Hileman

Buckeye Lake

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