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Thanks for Prayer Walk supporters


Every day there are people that make a difference that improves the quality of life in our community. On Sunday a number of those people contributed to a Prayer Walk honoring the Millersport Police, Community Watch and Fire Departments, the Fairfield County Sheriff Office and the Walnut Township-Thurston Fire Department.

Not only did it coincide with a remembrance of 9/11, it also coincided with the dedication of a mural honoring fallen police officers. The departments were given a thin blue line flag (police/deputies) and a thin red line flag (fire personnel). On this afternoon as prayers were said at Veteran’s Memorial I stood in awe as a gentle breeze waved all the flags representing the country, the branches of the armed forces and the prisoners of war and missing in action.

I want to thank Terry Staley for the vision and concept of the Prayer Walk; Sarah Reed and the Millersport Art Club for painting the mural using materials donated by Millersport Hardware; Debbi Popo for donating the thin red and blue line flags; my Village of Millersport colleagues: Susan Ramsey, Sandy Lines, Police Chief Mark Consolo, Fire Chief Bob Price, Mayor Gary Matheny and the police and fire departments for making sure the walkers were safely escorted. Nothing happens by accident and a large number of people are needed to make an event successful.

A special thanks to Kelvyn Moyer (Millersport Methodist Church), Dave Levacy (Walnut Creek Baptist Church), Steve Bush (Millersport Covenant Church) and Stephen Malloy (Millersport Apostolic Church) for leading us in prayer. It was impressive to see the different congregations that were represented from the lake area.

This is just another reason that our area is a great place to live and raise children.

Vince Popo
Walnut Township

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