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Thanks for new curb fix


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Millersport Mayor Dean Severance, Village Council members and Street Superintendent Gilbert Arnold for fixing a problem I raised at the last council meeting. I was concerned about the new traffic barrier in front of the Circle K gas station. Yes, I ran over the barrier turning into the Circle K which prompted my complaint. I believed it was a traffic hazard because it was difficult to see in the dark. I also believed that the new concrete curb wasn’t high enough to be easily seen.

After much discussion during the council meeting, Gilbert Arnold recommended installing collapsible reflector posts all around the new curb. His suggestion was a workable and relatively inexpensive solution.

I also want to thank Police Chief Mark Consolo and Fire Chief Bob Price for their input and acknowledgement that myconcernwassalegitimatesafety issue. The reflector poles were installed within 10 days after the council meeting. Thank you!

Mary Tanzillo

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