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‘Tell them “no” again’


Well it appears that an election does not matter to Village of Baltimore officials. They say that they have less monies coming in and expenses are higher, so they have made a decision to reduce the number of village employees. It looks to me like the employees to be lead off are not any of the higher paid positions. I think that the employees that are being laid off should understand that this problem is the result of reckless and huge spending that just happened to start with the mayor and village administrator and their “vision” of what Baltimore should be and a village council that did not know how to say “no.”

Well the voters said “no,” but they are not going to listen. The police levy proposal will return to the ballot in March 2012. Seniors, don’t spend your Social Security cost of living adjustment because Baltimore wants that money to get their “vision” police department back on the streets. Why do we now have to spend so much for “our” police department? Why, because the mayor and village administrator want it. By the way since the village administrator is so good at finding “grant money,” how about finding a grant for the police department so you don’t need to take more money from Baltimore residents.

The economy today is a result of the “government types” spending our money and making our lives better, or so they thought. The spending in Baltimore is a problem and if that’s not correct, why a police levy and why the layoffs? When I referred to the monies being spent by Baltimore in previous letters, those numbers were from 2008 and 2009. I cannot wait to see the 2010 and 2011 numbers. We need to get our village back from the people who want to remake Baltimore. Don’t forget March 2012 and tell them “no” again.

Charles R. Lamb

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