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Teenagers’ first car should be the ‘most awesome thing ever’


I would like to respond to the “Lighten Up: Buying a Junker…” column written by Dawn Weber on last week’s back page. To start off with, teens of the 70sand 80s are not the teens of today! As you say, it was all good as long as the radio worked…well not the heated seats, navigation and sunroof better be working too!

It is interesting to me that you say it is unfortunate that more parents are buying dream cars for their kids…why shouldn’t they? And talking about the cars you see in high school parking lots…what business is it of yours? Also the fact that you are arguing with your daughter four years before she will be purchasing a car or even joking about job hunting at the age of twelve is absurd. Part of being a normal American teenager is dreaming about the car you will et when you turn 16.

While visiting my grandmother about seven years ago, after I had just turned 14, we were out driving when we just happened to pass the Lincoln dealer in the town where she lives. There it was, parking in the very front row, a gorgeous new black Lincoln with my name on it! It was a Sunday so of couse they were closed, but the very next day when my parents came to pick me up I told them about what I had seen. We went to the dealer, Dad signed some papers and she was mine! At a mere 14, I was the proud owner of a new Lincoln which I drover for nearly five years.

I cannot believe you would want your daughter to have to remember her first car as some awful junkyard heap with a flaming back seat rather than a brand new Mustang or whatever other kind of car she may want! Who would want to drive something like that? You also say that junkers are handy for wrecking. Is that what you want your daughter to think when she starts driving? Do you want her to think her car is just a big toy which she can use to crash into couches and destroy people’s cornfields? To put it in your own words, let us ‘Just imagine all the fun these kids are having in their fancy-pants cars.’ Of course they are and I am sure your daughter would live it too. I know I did.

I found myself back at the Lincoln dealer a little over a year ago to get a new one, which of course my parents did not pay for. Just because my parent bought me an amazing first car did not make me a horrible and irresponsible person expecting handouts the rest of my life. Teenagers only get one first car and one sweet 16; it should be the most awesome thing ever!

Nathaniel J. Vance Liberty Township

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