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SWL schools are playing on generosity to children


SWL is again playing on our generosity to children. Their website has a picture of a little girl with the caption, “Strong Schools, Strong Community.”

SWL says the state has cut its budget. Every time milk or gas goes up, I have a budget cut and find ways around it. In the past, SWL wanted us to pay for a new high school due to crowding in the halls. When we refused, an innovative thinker came up with a simple solution – release one of the grades earlier – it worked well.

A strong community is not based on schools alone, but the sum of necessities like police, fire, food and shelter. Researching back to 2004, teachers and administrators have received raises each year during a time when others have lost their jobs. In 2004, the superintendent make $180,883 in pay and benefits in 2004 and in 2009 made $207,925. More than 85% of every dollar collected goes to salaries.

There is an old saying that numbers don’t lie, people do. The Licking County Treasurer’s website shows SWL schools are collecting $971.95 on a $100,000 home. On May 4, SWL is seeking a 9.5 mill levy that would collect $290.94 on a $100,000 home. Most homes in our community appraise for $150,000 which means the increase would be $436.41 a year.

JFK once said, “A rise in tide lifts all boats.” He was trying to emphasize that prosperity or hard times affect all. It’s too bad our schools fail to see that we have budgets too.
Matt Cummings


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