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Survey says…Liberty Township results announced

BALTIMORE- Liberty Township Zoning Board of Appeals member Ron Galliher asked the trustees Monday night to place the results of a 2006 township-wide survey on the township’s web site. Galliher prepared the results of the survey, which was designed by Burns, Bertsch, and Harris, Inc., a Columbus based community planning firm. The trustees agreed to place the results on www. fairfieldcountyohio-libertytownship. org.

Galliher said in a statement that the survey went to all residents in unincorporated Liberty Township in anticipation of the development of the township’s land use plan. The data will be used to determine township residents’ opinions about major issues facing the township. Of the 1,526 surveys mailed, 555, or 37 percent, were returned. Galliher said this is an overwhelming response and indicates that township residents are highly interested in their community.

The analysis took place from August to November 2006 and the results were shared with the trustees, the land use committee, and the township’s zoning commission and board of appeals. Galliher said the results of the survey clearly indicate a majority of township residents enjoy living in Liberty Township for its rural and peaceful atmosphere, and wish to preserve it.

Here’s a synopsis of the survey questions:

• If your household is engaged in farming, do your children or relatives intend to continue in the farming profession? 54 percent said yes, 46 percent said no.

• Does anyone from your household work inside the township? 90 percent said no.

• Does anyone in your household work outside Liberty Township but within FairfieldCounty? 73 percent said no.

• Only two percent of respondents rented his or her property.

• Most respondents cited the township’s historical character as what they like best about living in Liberty Township. Rural atmosphere generally ranked lowest.

• A strong majority, or 44 percent, of respondents strongly believe the community should have a say in land development. Fourteen percent are strongly against any regulations that restrict the use of one’s land.

• Only 21 percent of respondents attended a trustees’ meeting within the last year. Even fewer, 18 percent, attended a zoning meeting within the last year.

• According to the survey, 75 percent of respondents wished they had a better understanding of township regulations.

• The majority of respondents, or 44 percent, do not believe that local zoning is adequate.

• Only eight percent of respondents said that noise levels interfere with daily activities or sleep.

• There is a nearly even division between people who have lived in Liberty Township for life (22 percent), 20 to 30 years (16 percent), 15 to 20 years (11 percent) 10 to 15 years (16 percent), fiveto 10 years (17 percent), and less than fiveyears (18 percent).

• Only 18 percent of households have adults who are involved in some aspect of agriculture.

• Sixty-five percent of respondents own one to fiveacres of land.

• Eighty-eight percent of respondents support preserving the township’s rural character and nearly 80 percent favor discouraging “sprawl” and strip mall-type development.

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