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Subdivision residents want drivers to slow down

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON- Slow down! Members of the Reserve subdivision’s homeowners association asked the Union Township trustees for a four-way stop at the intersection of Reserve Drive and Hawk’s Cove Monday night. Residents are worried because construction traffic and traffic from outside the subdivision isn’t slowing down for the intersection, which is a major bus stop for school children.

“We’re worried children may get hit,” said Reserve resident Jennifer Skerbetz who, along with resident Tracy Wells, spoke for the homeowners association. They submitted a letter by homeowners association president Kraig Koester, which outlined neighbors’ concerns. Koester wrote that many families with school aged children attending Granville Schools live in the subdivision. The school bus stops several times within the neighborhood, but does not travel down the dead end residential streets.

Koester wrote that all vehicles exit the subdivision via Reserve Road toward Deeds Road. Vehicles on Reserve Road will accelerate toward Deeds while crossing the Hawk’s Cove intersection. Unfortunately, more than two dozen children wait for the bus at various times at Hawk’s Cove. “Please consider the addition of a stop sign on Reserve Drive as a method to slow down vehicles,” Koester asked the trustees in his letter. Koester spoke to Trustee Jack Justice earlier about increased police patrols in the area, he added.

Justice said Monday night that a four-way stop at Hawk’s Cove is the best solution, but the trustees need to contact the county and make sure a four-way stop would be enforceable at that intersection. “If we findout it can be done, we will do it,” he said. He hoped to have an answer for them within a week. Justice added that a 25 mile per hour sign that was knocked over within the subdivision will be replaced.

In other township news,

  • Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association President Merv Bartholow submitted a letter stating that he was recently reviewing the township’s local ordinances and found Section 1027, which clearly addresses the challenge of dealing with junk vehicles. He said for the past eight years, he’s driven past two Union Township properties that contain junk vehicles, according to the ordinance. Bartholow asked if the owners of the properties have special permits to store these vehicles from the township zoning inspector, and he asked if any action has been taken to remove the vehicles from the properties.

    The trustees said they would review the situation and get back in touch with Bartholow.

  • Justice said the trustees were asked by the Granville Township trustees to support limiting James Road, which runs along the border of Union and Granville townships, to 35 miles per hour. The homes on the south side of James Road between SR 37 and Canyon Road are in Union Township.

    “Thirty-fiveis not a bad idea on that road,” said
    Trustee John Slater. The trustees support the reduced speed limit.

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