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Subdivision gets fourway stop to slow traffic

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON- The squeaky wheel always gets the grease – or, in this case, it’s forced to stop spinning entirely. Residents of the Reserve subdivision got their wish to turn the intersection of Reserve Drive and Hawk’s Cove into a four way stop, said Union Township Trustee President John Slater during Monday night’s trustees meeting. The intersection was a two-way stop.

During the trustees’ previous meeting Nov. 5, Reserve residents Jennifer Skerbetz and Tracy Wells, representing the Reserve Homeowners Association, submitted a letter to the trustees by Reserve Homeowners Association President Kraig Koester, which outlined neighbors’ concerns. Koester wrote that many families with school aged children attending Granville Schools live in the subdivision. The school bus stops several times within the neighborhood, but does not travel down the dead end residential streets.

Koester wrote that all vehicles exit the subdivision via Reserve Road toward Deeds Road. Vehicles on Reserve Road will accelerate toward Deeds while crossing the Hawk’s Cove intersection. Unfortunately, more than two dozen children wait for the bus at various times at Hawk’s Cove.

Slater said Monday night that it’s within the trustees’ power to turn the intersection into a fourway stop to discourage traffic from speeding through it. “It seems like the majority (of residents are) for it,” he said. Slater added that the township replaced a downed 25 mile per hour sign. The trustees would like to install another 25 mile per hour sign somewhere else in the Reserve, but Slater said that Reserve residents’ yards go all the way to the street, and it’s tough to findpeople willing to place a sign in their front yard.

In a related subject, Trustee Jack Justice explained why the street patching job in the Reserve had problems. He said the paving company claimed it “kept losing the paver,” meaning the paver would sink into the asphalt. The company claimed that underground springs or moisture below the surface of the road was at fault.

“I’m hesitant to accept that explanation,” said Slater. If the paver sank, why didn’t traffic, particularly truck traffic, also sink?

Justice said the paving company promised to solve the paving issues. The trustees agree to hold back 20 percent of the final payment to the paver until the problems are solved.

In other Union Township news:

  • Hebron Fire Chief Randy Weekly said the Hebron Fire Department’s new medic which was purchased by the township, is delivered and operating. Weekly said the new medic, is a 2007 Horton Type 3, built in Grove City, south of Columbus, on a Ford chassis, and cost about $138,000.

    Weekly said it was delivered Nov. 14 and began squad runs the next day. He said it completed about 10 squad runs as of Tuesday. The new medic replaces a 1992 Ford. Generally, medics should be replaced about every 10 years, said Weekly, so the department got an extra fiveyears out of the old medic. The

    department’s other medic is a

    (continued on Page 6) 2003..

  • Contracting with the Village of Hebron for fireand EMS services is becoming more expensive as fuel prices rise and everything else becomes more expensive, said Weekly Monday night. The township is renegotiating for fire/EMS services from Hebron to replace the contract that expires at the end of the year. Weekly predicted it will cost significantlymore to contract with Hebron this year than last year. Justice said he understands that the cost of everything has risen, but he hopes any increase in the cost of contracting with Hebron will stay below 10 percent.

  • There are several changes to the township zoning boards. On the zoning appeals board, Paul Schultze is moving out of the community and will be replaced by alternate Lisa Messenger. On the zoning commission, Steve Reese is moving and Leslie Baughman passed away. Alternate Kurt Painter, Jr. took Reese’s place, Jon Griffith took Baughman’s place, and Linda Scott became an alternate.

  • Justice said Zoning Inspector Paula Green photographed
    two properties, which Merv Bartholow, president of the Buckeye Lake Area Civic
    Association, said contained junk vehicles in violation of township ordinance.
    Green sent those photos to the county prosecutor to determine if they are in
    violation. “We’ll just see what the prosecuting attorney says,” said Justice.

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