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Subdivision buyers beware


If any readers are thinking about buying a home in a subdivision they should think carefully about it.

You may purchase the home and the lot it occupies, but your freedom as a homeowner can end there. Once you purchase your home from the developer or contractor, they are typically done with you. Now you must deal with the homeowners’ association or its hired manager. You may pay the mortgage. You may pay the taxes. However, they tell you what you can and, in most cases, cannot do. Sometimes something as simple as installing a storm door must meet their approval.

I have to admit that I live in a subdivision. I was not aware of all the “cans and cannots” when I bought my house. If I knew then what I know now, I never would have bought my house. If the housing market was in better shape, I would put my house up for sale and move, since this is the only way I can be free of the management company’s dictatorship. I’m writing this so others will not have the same experience.

As many of us were told by the management company representative at a community meeting, LET THE BUYER BEWARE! This speaks to their attitude. Before you buy, BEWARE!!!
Michael R. Milosevich


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