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Storm brings out the best in neighbors


The world we live in today seems to be a very selfish,self centered type of society. Well, I would like to let you know that not all is as it appears.

Sunday morning, our church service at the United Pentecostal Church of Millersport was canceled due to the 15 + inches of snow received since Friday. With Sunday morning no longer busy, I set out to free my vehicles from the pit of snow they were now in.

I struggled and struggled for about an hour and then all of the sudden here comes three tractors rolling down Ohio 256. I live on 256 about one mile outside of the Village of Baltimore. These three tractors were going house to house, driveway to driveway.

One of them stopped at my driveway and I immediately asked them how much they would charge to plow my driveway. The answer – NOTHING. These three men were members of the Landis family of Baltimore and they would not accept any money for their help.

My understanding is that the Landis family has several large farms and own a lot of land in the area I live. There was absolutely no financial gain from them doing this, BUT I want to make sure that everyone in your reading area, including the Landis’s know how much their actions were greatly appreciated. If they do not receive their reward in this world, I am sure they will in the next. God Bless the Landis family.
Larry Osborne

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