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Stop sign placement questioned


We have lived in Millersport for several years now and have just seen one of the most outlandish insults by God only knows who, to the dignity, intelligence and safety of its community in all the years we’ve been here.

How many times has anybody ever seen someone nearly killed at the northern end of the school? And we now have a 4-way stop sign at that site. Really? Why isn’t there one where it’s really needed at the corner of Ohio 204/Millersport Road? I can not tell you how many times someone in our family, or the cars in front of me, going straight south from the school area, have almost been slammed by a vehicle coming off of 204 and making a left onto Millersport Road heading towards Thurston!! If they are coming off 204 and turn right – no problem. However, coming off 204 and making a left, by law, they should stop! But an awful lot don’t! They treat it as if it were a continuous left turn – NO SUCH THING! Continuous right – OK, but LEFT!??

No cars in front of us have ever been ran into or close to it at the new stop sign location! Whoever came up with THAT bright idea must’ve thought we didn’t care about our fellow neighbors crossing in that area or thought we couldn’t see someone walking across the street in front of us or had a screw loose! Why, putting a stop sign or two there might even help during the Sweet Corn Festival, ya think!?

Al & Ramona McDaniel

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