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Still OK to curse residents at village hall


I wonder if Buckeye Lake Village Mayor Rick Baker is finally getting some confirmation on the reports regarding Fire Chief Pete Leindecker. I certainly hope so.

Baker called a meeting on 8/24 with Leindecker, council president and council’s safety chair. After the meeting, Chief Leindecker commented at the fire department “that meeting was a joke!”

I reported his comment at the 8/27 council meeting and afterwards Leindecker verbally attacked me, calling me a (expletive) liar three times. Almost all seats had been filled and most people were still present during Leindecker’s outburst. He was shouting and moved very close to me. I guess you could say he was ‘in my face.’ There are rumors that he pushed me, but he DID NOT touch me. Mayor Baker ignored the very loud outburst.

Mayor Baker issued a list of Administrative

Directives to Chief Leindecker on September 6. Among the 17 directives was “Take meetings seriously.” Ahh… really? Well, that’s a start.

Unfortunately, missing from Baker’s Administrative Directives are “refrain from using profanity and verbally abusing residents” especially when you’re within earshot of so many immediately following a council meeting!

Imagine, if the guy is willing to demonstrate that much unprofessionalism at a public meeting, how does he act in private? Unfortunately, many of us don’t have to imagine.

I will join many others in November by voting “NO” on our local fire levy unless we see a new chief and one that isn’t named “Ruton” or “Miller.”

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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