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Some Springer repayments going to kids this Christmas


I want the greater Buckeye Lake community to know that some of the money from the Marty Springer case has been put to good use this Christmas. It is too bad that only $35,000 was repaid with no jail time. It was stated in court that she took approximately $200,000. What a deal!

Hopefully all of the people that have donated money to Marty and Bud over the years have stopped. There are many good organizations that have taken up the slack for the Christmas fund. Thanks to all of you. Rest assured the remainder of the repaid funds will be spent on the kids as it was intended.

I hope Marty and Bud will see the light and repay more someday!

Anyone with questions can call 740-246-4796.

Thanks to the people who have helped with this problem.

Frank Correll

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