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Some residents can’t afford Lakewood levy


This is in response to Cheri Carlton’s letter last week.

In the event that people like Cheri don’t keep current on the news, there is a recession going on. Many of us don’t have work. If we do work, we have suffered cuts in pay and benefits.

Where do you think these people will get the money to pay for the teachers wages. Yes, wages! They have never taken any cuts and the money never goes to the children or programs. After the latest scare tactics, I guess there won’t be any cuts of any kind until next year depending on how the next levy request goes.

You use the scare tactic of devalued property. Our properties are already worth less than what we bought them for. Watch or read the news. If people are taxed out of their homes, who will pay for your Ivy league school.

As it turns out, nobody at Lakewood joined the unemployed. What a surprise. C-TEC failed for the same reason. You ever look at the cost of a full reeducation package with C-TEC? They don’t need my money. They need students that can pay.

Here are a few ideas I can offer to help the school district cut costs. Think about taking a pay cut to save jobs. Hire teachers that can teach two or more subjects. Use substitute or volunteer teachers. Limit sports to football; baseball; basketball and wrestling. The students that participate in sports or other programs like music or cheerleaders; will have to pay for their own uniforms and equipment. Lunch programs are paid for by students that use it. Everyone else brown bags it.

Cut back on the number of buses. We know that they are not needed. Just because they may have 1500 students in a school does not mean they all need busing. Some walk; some drive; some are brought by parents.

I can think of many ways the school can save money. Hey, how about selling all that land around the school that they can’t pay the taxes on. Sleep well Cheri. I will see you at the polls this fall.
Dave Kenmir

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