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Some more BLASST thanks


Just when I thought I was 100 % sure I had every name accounted for…I didn’t! Somehow I left out my neighbors down Westbank – Paul and Betty McMurray, Fern Pickett and even the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association. Sorry, Merv! Please accept my sincere apologies. It happened somewhere between my copier and Marnita’s computer, back to my computer then over to the Beacon. Since it happened three times, it might have happened more times. Please call (928-4446) and let me know if your name was not in our Thank You List in last week’s Beacon (page 12).

Since my last letter, six more checks have come in. Thank you to Mary Goebbel, Glenda and David Flowers, Rita and Ron Emrich, Tom and Susan Pape and Buckeye Lake Hardware/T’s Cones & Coney’s. I also received a check for $225 that came from the containers put out at the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.

Your community thanks you all.

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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