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Smooth Sailing

Easy going first day of school



HEBRON– It may be a completely different story Monday when kindergarten classes begin at Hebron Elementary, but Wednesday morning was peacefully uneventful for Hebron Elementary first and second graders, who began the first day of the new school year. “I’m really impressed with the kids,” said Hebron Elementary secretary Melissa Harkness. “They all know exactly what to do and where to go.”

Harkness said once the kindergarteners arrive, the morning drop-off becomes much more rambunctious. However, Wednesday morning appeared to be completely serene.

Director of Pupil Services Arnie Ettenhofer said that years ago the morning drop-off at Hebron Elementary wasn’t so orderly because all the buses and parents would drop students off in front of the building, where space is limited. Now, most of the students riding buses disembark and transfer buses on elementary school property. “When it’s on school property we can keep it under control better,” he said.















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