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Slow down before you get in Kirkersville


As I have previously stated, Kirkersville has been told REPEATEDLY by auditing firms to get a credit card policy that details “allowable purchases and items that may not be proper public purpose” and “require detailed receipts to support all purchases made.” This is a no-brainer! A good public official would only have to be told ONCE. However, GOOD OLE public officials apparently have to be told over and over and sometimes still don’t comply!

Flying J invoices show that the officers are apparently no longer required to enter the mileage when they purchase fuel. If the mileage is entered, Flying J will calculate the miles driven and miles per gallon as well as cost per gallon and total fuel cost. In the past, they had been required to enter the mileage when they purchased fuel. They had also been required in the past to use certain credit cards only for certain cars (card 1 for cruiser # 1, etc.) and, apparently, that detail to ensure a “proper public purchase” is also no longer required.

According to Kirkersville police log sheets, it is a common practice for officers to be “running tags” at local businesses, especially the Flying J. I believe the Kirkersville police have an ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Scanning System hooked up to a computer inside the vehicle. The image on license plates are scanned (without the officer having to get out of the car) and matched with an on-board, real-time database. An alarm can be triggered when the system sees vehicles that have been identified as stolen, have an expired license plate, amber alerts, etc.

I believe the system can also access a DMV database and check to see if the owner of a vehicle has a suspended license, warrant, etc. Even though the officer knows the owner of a vehicle is a man, there are NUMEROUS times when a vehicle is pulled over for DUS (driving under suspension) although the officer notes that the driver is a woman. She is released without charges but she has been detained for several minutes. Is it fair that a woman’s husband got in trouble and she gets stopped because she is driving the family car that is in her husband’s name?

I have heard several people complain that Kirkersville is “clocking” people BEFORE they get into the corporation limits…. while they are still in a 55 MPH zone. Here’s an example of just one of many cruiser log sheets where the officer was running radar/laser very near the corporation limits. In this logsheet, this officer runs radar “in the area of 215 W. Main St.” which is next to the last house out of Kirkersville.

Time Location/Details

19:00 Stationary radar area of 215 W Main – Clear 19:05

19:05 (Veh. plate # and speed) 45/35 – Clear 19:13

19:13 Stationary radar area of 215 W. Main – Clear 9:16

19:16 (Veh. plate # and speed) 51/35 – Clear 19:25

19:25 Stationary radar area of 215 W. Main – Clear 19:30

19:30 (Veh. plate # and speed) 45/35 – Clear 19:35

19:35 Stationary radar area of 215 W. Main – Clear 19:54

There’s more on this log sheet but, as you can see, every few minutes a vehicle is stopped for speeding just a few feet from the corporation line.

More next week…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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