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Should we just head to Hebron for help?


Who is responsible for seeing that the people we are paying to do a job are actually doing that job??? Who is going to step up and get our EMS house in order?

Should residents fear that if they are involved in an accident or serious medical emergency that they are a goner because timely help isn’t coming? Why do we pay Leindecker for a job he is not doing?

He is in charge and its his responsibility to see that all shifts are covered and if they aren’t then he needs to get them filled. Sure, he may have to actually do a little work, but if he isn’t willing to do that then he needs to terminate his employment. He also needs to go out on some calls to show his people and the community that he cares.

So if we need emergency medical assistance should we just head to Hebron? Aren’t we trying to improve and make our little village a place where people want to live. Who wants to live in a place with a reputation like our’s?

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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