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Sewer district to do smoke testing

THURSTON – The Walnut Creek Sewer District plans to begin smoke testing the sewer systems in the Villages of Pleasantville and Thurston next week. Testing is only done during dry weather.

A field crew will be opening manholes in the streets and in utility easements in yards, and injecting smoke into the sewer lines and manholes to locate broken pipes and other defects. The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and is completely harmless to humans, animals, food, and items such as clothing, drapes or furniture. Smoke will only enter buildings if there is a plumbing defect or drain traps are dry. Pour about a gallon of water into any seldom used drains to help keep smoke out of your home.

If you do see or smell smoke inside, immediately report it to the testing crew or call the sewer district at 468-3409. It’s normal during this testing to see smoke coming from your roof top vents. Field crews don’t need to enter your home and residents don’t need to be at home during the test.

The Ohio Rural Water Association, with cooperation from GGC Engineers and the sewer district, will perform the smoke testing. Information collected during this study will be used to improve the district’s sewer system. If you have questions about the study, or need special assistance, call the Walnut Creek Sewer District officeat (740) 468-3409, or GGC Engineers at (614) 471-7310.

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