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Seniors need to be able to pay for healthcare, medications


In response to the letters you have published supporting the Liberty Union Bond Levy, I was surprised to read the letters from those that took the time to figure the exact amount you would be paying on a $100,000 home. Also to encourage seniors to support this levy. You so much as took the Homestead Exemption seniors were given. Are there very many $100,000 homes in this area? My thoughts are that you are sending false signals to homeowners as to what they will really pay over 28 years.

The seniors in this area have supported the schools where their children attended. I think it is about time for the seniors to be able to pay for the medications they need and for their healthcare, rather than having to do without food and medications which they need. Is the first district to go green (Leed silver rating) going to improve the education the children will receive?
Don & Costella Artrip

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