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Senior apologizes for prank


To the Lakewood Community and School:

I am a Lakewood High school senior who wants to apologize to my community, my school, my principle, and all of the Lakewood staff. I am apologizing for the embarrassment towards my parents, my school and their employees, community, and everyone involved.

I did a senior prank and went too far. I wrote on the windows and sidewalks of the high school, and we also toilet papered. We wrote some pretty vulgar things. The prank was suppose to just be a prank but got out of hand. I am extremely sorry. It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.

I would also like to warn anyone that may be thinking of doing a senior prank, now or in the future, I HIGHLY SUGGEST DON’T DO IT because in no way was it worth it.

I would just like to explain the punishment that I am going though to hopefully discourage any lower classmen. First off I am suspended for 10 days and am recommended for expulsion. And beyond that I will not be walking at graduation on May 25 with all my fellow classmates. I will not be allowed to take my final exams due to the suspension and my GPA might drop enough that I may lose my scholarship that PAYS for my first two years of college. And even beyond that, the police may be involved.

For all those who are thinking about doing a senior prank just think about what happened to me and give it a second thought before doing it. Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

All in all I am VERY SINCERELY SORRY for what I have done and I wish I have never done this in the first place.
Devin M. Villaloboz
Licking Township

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