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Re your Open Letter to Gov. Kasich, right on! No truer or wiser words have been written regarding the dam fiasco.

Let us hope that Gov. Kasich gets the message. I encourage everyone (residents and visitors alike) to write their own letter (or call) to the Governor in support of the Beacon’s eloquent disquisition. My letter to the Gov. is attached.

Dear Gov. Kasich:

The editor of our local paper, The Buckeye Lake Beacon, in an open letter to you, has spoken on behalf of thousands of residents, hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars at risk in the Buckeye Lake dam fiasco.

The State agencies in charge of overseeing the dam replacement have turned a deaf ear to our pleas for a swift, efficient and safe solution to the much needed job ahead. The way things are headed, only you can save us from certain disaster. I urge you to take responsibility for the people who elected you to represent their best interests.

I can imagine the first question to you on candidates debate night: “Gov. Kasich, where were you when Buckeye Lake needed you?”

Hal Jackson
Harbor Hills

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