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Selective hearing is a problem


I was a little surprised when I read a story in The Beacon where Buckeye Lake Village Council member Arletta (Cricket) Ruton had made the statement at the January 9th council meeting, “These people elect us and we need to listen to them!” And I was SHOCKED when I saw that Ruton said that council members need training in the Sunshine Laws. (The Sunshine Laws are FREE either by downloading it online or in book form from the Ohio Attorney General’s office.)

Although I wasn’t at the meeting, it would appear that Ruton’s comments were only because she was helping Mayor Carroll give Peggy Wells grief in trying to make it sound like Wells had violated the Sunshine Laws.

I believe Ruton is saying to listen to the people who elect us because she wants people to listen to her friend, former council president Charlene Hayden (who was not re-elected).

Ruton had an entirely different attitude when I presented issues in a public meeting about the former Magistrate’s (Berryhill) use of foul language during court sessions or the village Prosecutor Mark Gardner leaving an animal cruelty case on his desk for nearly a year. In fact, she and Hayden accused me of having a ghost writer and felt that I should be complaining PRIVATELY!

I think we have a good village council right now! But I believe that Council Member Ruton has selective hearing and will only listen to anyone who is there to badger or bully Peggy Wells or other council members. I believe Mayor Clay Carroll also has selective hearing and wants to continue running this village as a GOB (Good Ol Boy) form of Government when, clearly, we have a majority of council members that want to take this village forward with a new persona!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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