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School lunches

School lunch menus for the week of March 14 .

Lakewood Local Schools

Monday: #1 Chicken nuggets w/dinner roll; #2 Sub sandwich, cheddar rounds, and fruit.

Tuesday: #1 Walking taco; #2 Turkey wrap, refried beans, fruit, and cookie.

Wednesday: #1 Pizza; #2 PBJ pocket, tossed romaine salad, and fruit.

Thursday: #1 Cheeseburger; #2 BBQ rib sandwich, French fries, and fruit.

Friday: #1 Toasted cheese sandwich; #2 Toasted ham & cheese sandwich, tomato soup, celery, and frut.

Liberty Union Elementary

Monday: Mini corn dogs or PBJ, baked beans, baby carrots/ dip, and choice of fruit.

Tuesday: WG French toast, cheese omelet, hash brown potatoes, baby carrots/dip, and juice or fruit.

Wednesday: Cheese pizza or PBJ, tossed romaine salad, broccoli, and diced peaches.

Thursday: Popcorn chicken w/sweet & sour sauce, brown rice, peas, baby carrots/dip, and mandarin oranges.

Friday: Hamburger WG bun or PBj, green beans, baby carrots/dip, applesauce, and ice cream cup.

Liberty Union Middle School

Monday: Mini pancakes, hash brown potatoes, veggie boat/lt ranch, sausage, and fruit or juice.

Tuesday: Popcorn chicken bowl, mashed potatoes/gravy, corn, roll/butter, cheese cup, and choice of fruit.

Wednesday: Bosco sticks/ sauce or PBJ, tossed romaine salad, veggie boat/lt ranch, and fresh fruit.

Thursday: Chicken patty/ WG bun or PBJ, baked beans, veggie boat/lt ranch, and fruit delight.

Friday: Fish sandwich, macaroni & cheese, steamed broccoli, veggie boat/lt ranch, and choice of fruit.

Liberty Union High School

Monday:Popcorn chicken w/sweet & sour sauce, brown rice, steamed peas or broccoli, veggie boat/lt ranch, and mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Bacon cheeseburger/ WG bun or PBJ, deli roasters, veggie boat/lt ranch, choice of fruit, and ice cream cup.

Thursday: BBQ chicken nuggets or PBJ, diced carrots, veggie boat/lt ranch, rice krispy treat, and applesacue.

Friday: Taco triangles/salsa or PBJ, buttered corn, refried beans, veggie boat/lt ranch, fresh fruit, and fruit slush.

Millersport Elementary

Monday: Crispy chicken tender wrap w/lettuce/cheese, green beans, baby carrots, graham snack, and choice of fruit.

Tuesday: Walking taco w/ lettuce/cheese, refried beans, corn, and fruit side kick.

Wednesday: Turkey & noodles, whipped potatoes, cherry tomatoes, dinner roll, and choice of fruit.

Thursday: French toast, cheese omelet, hash brown, baby carrots, and fruit.

Friday: Pepperoni calzone w/marinara sauce, steamed broccoli, cucumber slices w/ dip, fresh fruit, and ice cream treat.

Millersport Middle/ High School

Monday: Popcorn chicken bowl w/biscuit, mashed potatoes/ gravy, corn, and fruit.

Tuesday: Burito bar: w/beef or fajita chicken, steamed rice/ corn, refried or black beans, lettuce/cheese/salsa, and fruit.

Wednesday: Turkey & noodles/roll or chicken patty sandwich, whipped potatoes, steamed peas, and fruit.

Thursday: Bosco sticks w/ marinara or turkey bacon ranch wrap, mixed green salad, green beans, and choice of fruit.

Friday: Big Daddy pizza or hot spicy chicken patty, vegetable medley, cucumbers/dip, and choice of fruit.

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