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School levy timing is unreasonable


Walnut Township Local School District voters have rejected an additional school property tax levy twice now. As we all knew, here they are on the ballot again.

This time around they want us to approve an additional seven mill levy. This will amount to another $245.00 per $100,000 valuation on our homes. As it is now we already pay the school district $781.00 per $100,000 valuation on our homes. The seven mill levy would amount to over a 30 per cent increase in our taxes paid to the school district.

When was the last time you got a 30 percent raise in your Social Security or paycheck from work?

At this time our property values are in the trash can. People cannot even get loans on their homes at Buckeye Lake. Appraisal companies refuse to come out and even guess at the current value. Since this is the case, we most likely cannot sell our homes or even get a loan on them until the dam issue is put to bed and completed, maybe five years out.

Yet, still the school district is asking us to pay 30 percent more in our property taxes to the district. If you think this is reasonable, go ahead and vote for it. If you think it is unreasonable at this time, vote against it. Believe me, it will be back on the ballot, just as it has been the last two times.

You should vote on this issue regardless of which way you vote. The message, whatever it ends up being, needs to be clear to the school board.

Get out and vote!

John Allen
West Bank

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