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School levy supporters thanked


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for and worked so hard on behalf of Walnut Township Schools on our recent school levy. The levy failed and that is incredibly disappointing, but the hard work and effort put forth on behalf of our children is never in vain. It will always be worth supporting the education of our children.

We have a wonderful school district and we will continue to strive to keep it viable and vibrant. Our students are worth it and our community is worth it!

There are many who worked hard in some way, shape, or form and we are grateful. We apologize ahead of time if we’ve left anyone off this list.

Thank you to: Brenda Amspaugh, Josh Amspaugh, Sarah Arruda, Laura Baffa, Dustin Bidwell, Jennifer Blevins, Lesa Brown, Joe Brownfield, Amanda Bruckelmeyer, Pastor Steve and Janet Bush, Manson Collins, Randy Cotner, Tom Cumbow, Mary Ford, Andrea George, Kirk Grandy, Noelle Harkabus, Malaina Hicks, Lori Higginbotham, Janae Johnston, Ken Keener, Carol King, Angie Large, Crystal Lehman, Tim Levacy, Grace Maughmer, Caitlin McClurg, Heather Metcalf, Vince and Debbi Popo, Karen Reedy, Kathryn Reedy, Jim and Sharon Roshon, C.J. Schmitz, Mayor Dean Severance, Bob Slater, Heather Terry, Rick Thompson, Tracey Tisdale, Angie Ulrich, Adrienne Winders, Bill Yates, The Buckeye Lake Beacon, Hometown Hotdog, Sammy J’s Deli, The Old Canal Restaurant and LB Tees Apparel & More, LLC.

I invite you to take a look at This Facebook page demonstrates the great things that are happening at Walnut Township Schools and the wonderful heritage we have. You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to check out the posts and photos.

Dina Reasoner for Citizens for Quality

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