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School levy is back on the ballot Aug. 4


Here we go again! August 4th for the 4th time!

Three times now the voters have said no to the Walnut Township Schools request fora7mill,5yearpropertytaxlevy.

The request is again the same as before. What doesn’t the school board understand about the word NO? Why do they come back and ask for the same amount we have voted down three times already? Would it not make more sense to ask for a lesser amount in hopes that it will pass?

Voters have to vote on this issue again on August 4th.

At this time our property tax is $1,346 per $100,000 valuation. Of that $781 goes to the schools. The new levy would add another $245 per $100,000 valuation.

With the economy around the lake hurting the way it is I cannot understand why they continue to ask for this much money, and for 5 years.

People we need to get out and vote on August 4th.

John Allen
West Bank

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