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Schaffer gets Liberty Union amendment in budget bill

COLUMBUS – An amendment authored by State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) to help Liberty Union-Thurston Schools get the State of Ohio to make good on a commitment to build a new school building has been added to House Bill 119, the state budget.

“This is a great day for Liberty Union,” Schaffer said. “Although the budget bill has several more steps to go before being enacted, this was the major hurdle.” Schaffer has been working on the issue for at least three to four years and encountered stiff opposition from the Ohio School Facilities passing its local share, Liberty Union Schools have been moving further down the state funding list due to increasing reevaluation of property values, which makes the district appear wealthier than it really is. Consequently, the school district has been waiting years to get its money from the state.

“And this isn’t the only school suffering from the problem,” Schaffer said. “More than 40 other districts have been waiting years to receive their state portions of the school facilities money. They have all passed their levies, but have been pushed further and further away from getting their fair share.”

Schaffer acknowledged the expert assistance he has received Commission.

Liberty Union School District approved a levy in 2000 for the construction of new school facilities after entering into an agreement with the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC), which was to pay a portion of the expense. However, since from Liberty Union Schools Superintendent Paul Mathews.

The new version of the Biennial Budget Bill was introduced Tuesday, June 5. The bill will have more public hearings in the Senate Finance Committee before going to the Senate floor for a vote.

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