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Rules must apply to everyone


I wasn’t planning to write again about Karen Cookston and her new illegal parking lot until the Planning Commission, Village Council and the mayor had a chance to address it.

I changed my mind after I heard about her pathetic stunt during the annual Cranberry Bay block party last Saturday. I obviously struck a nerve when I called for her to resign or be removed from the Planning Commission.

Cookston had one of the six golf cars that paraded through the neighborhood, competing to be “best decorated.” She came in last place, but I’ll give her an honorable mention for “most immature.” Her cart and costume featured a large target on the back with The Beacon
and my Letter to the Editor displayed with the label “PW’s target.” She also had a matching hat with a target on her forehead.

During the party, Cookston peddled her sob story…“it’s really NOT a parking lot”…while trying to scrape up as much sympathy as she could. I heard she also tried the ignorance defense, claiming she didn’t know about the zoning rule and had nothing to do with the grindings ending up on her property. Maybe she was practicing her lines for the real presentations.

This is awfully juvenile behavior from someone given the authority and responsibility to implement and enforce our zoning regulations. I didn’t pull her violation out of thin air. It’s right there in black and white on Page 48 and makes sense. I don’t think we want parking lots on vacant lots all over the village.

If we are going to have zoning rules and we have a bunch, they must apply to everyone equally, particularly to the chair who enforces them on everybody else. If she is allowed to wink at the rules, then the rest of us should be able to decide which ones we want to ignore.

Cookston’s next performance may be for council at 7:30 PM on Monday, October 11. Hopefully, she’ll leave her costume and golf cart at home.
Peggy Wells

Buckeye Lake

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