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Round-up for whole amount checks


Kirkersville’s October council meeting minutes reflect something I found a little humorous. Although the mayor noted that he did NOT agree with this proposal, he did have to report to the council what happened at the Board of Public Affairs meeting. The Board runs the village waste water treatment and handles billing.

“A BPA member who was being charged for a late fee because his wife, who pays the sewer (bill), only writes checks in whole amounts and they want to round it off to the next dollar so they want to raise the sewer rates by thirty three cents which would bring in $74.00 more dollars a year (total for all residential accounts combined). He said it would be easier for them to make the check out for thirty four dollars even than the change.”

On a not so funny note, in the December 10th Licking County Commissioners’ meeting, commissioners passed a resolution to allow the dog pound to change the descriptions of a couple of positions at the pound. Here’s the changes:

• Administrative Assistant – Deleting the valid driver’s license and Oath of Office requirements as that are not necessary for this position.

• Deputy Dog Warden II (previously known as Animal Control Officer/Vicious Dog Specialist) – Adding duties: Transports prisoners to jail; Serves as Field Training Officer (FTO); Directs Community Service personnel in completion of tasks as needed.

As you may already know, the three dog wardens (Larry Williams, Kris White and Tyler Moore) are equipped with guns, handcuffs, bullet proof vests and Taser guns. I believe the new dog warden Dave Shellhouse has the same equipment.

Over the past couple of years, the pound has purchased three trucks that have enclosed cages on the back for transporting dogs. One of the cages is big enough for a very large dog so maybe that is where they will put a human prisoner to transport to jail!

With all of this equipment and the wannabe cops, the pound should be under the jurisdiction of the sheriff’s office (unless they give control to the Licking County Humane Society) to ensure that they are properly trained in using the guns, handcuffs, reading Miranda rights, transporting prisoners, etc.

I see Licking County headed for a huge liability situation. I will have more detail to share next year.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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