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Residents want crack down on junk vehicles

JACKSONTOWN – Several Harbor Hills residents asked Licking Township Trustees Monday night to use their new authority under House Bill 50 to remove unlicensed vehicles and boats.

Jim Fedora, president of the Harbor Hills Civic Association, told Trustees Joe Cooper and Dave Miller that problems with junk vehicles and boats at a Wildwood Place home go back 20 years. He said three vehicles and a boat were removed in the last six months, but the boat returned this past weekend. Fedora said the association has been mowing the property and recently filed a $4,4000 lien for its maintenance expenses and its $100 per month penalty for unlicensed vehicles. He asked trustees for help.

Cooper said HB 50 is now in effect. It went into effect on March 5, 2008. Zoning Inspector Joe Walker said his job is parttime and he wants to keep it that way. HB 50 requires quite a bit of legwork and paperwork and he doesn’t have the time to implement throughout the township.

“We need to decide on another way,” Cooper said. “Joe (Walker) can’t do it.” Cooper acknowledged that HB 50 can be very effective. With proper notice to the landowner and lien holders, trustees can remove a junk motor vehicle from private property. If a mailed notice is refused or unclaimed, or it the property owner’s address is unknow, the notice can be made via one published notice in a newspaper. Trustees may levy a lien on the property to recover their costs to remove the vehicle(s).

“We need to come up with a strategy to affect this process,” Cooper added. He suggested that the issue be added to their agenda for their meeting which will be Monday, Oct. 6. Miller agreed. Trustee President Joe Hart is recovering from surgery and was absent Monday night.

“If you do it once, the word gets out that you aren’t going to fool around,” Fedora said.

“You just need to do your job,” Harbor Hills building chair Bill Ours told trustees. “You now have the upper hand.”

Harbor Hills resident and Zoning Commission member Marshall Eubanks echoed Fedora and Ours. “There is a multitude of junk cars out there. We’ve got places that need cleaned up.”

In other business Monday night, trustees awarded a $2,700 contract to Triple H Enterprises to fill 65 to 67 cracks on Misty Meadows Drive. Xtreme Sealcoating and Landscape of Hebron bid $2,032. Trustees picked the higher bid since Triple H will use at least an inch of hot sealer while Xtreme proposed .75 inches of a cold sealer. Triple H was also recommended by The Shelly Company for the job.

The long running controversy with Robert Snedden Sr. about the location of Somerset Road should be moving toward resolution. Snedden, who lives on the southeast corner of US 40 and Somerset Road contends that over the years that Somerset Road has grown onto to his property. Last year, Licking County Commissioners directed County Engineer Tim Lollo to determine the true center line of the road. Snedden attends most trustee meetings and regularly asks whether Lollo had made his determination. Last month, Snedden placed first some railroad ties about 8-12 inches onto the paved roadway. After a resident complained to trustees about hitting one of them at night, trustees unanimously agreed to have township workers remove them from the roadway. That happened the next day. Snedden then replaced them with several stumps. He voluntarily removed them from the roadway after Hart asked him to do so.

When Snedden asked about the true center line determination Monday, Miller told him that Lollo has committed to have it done this month.

Snedden’s neighbor across the street on Somerset Road told trustees that a recent survey he had done shows that Snedden is right. “They need to come to my side to make a correction,” John Loudermilk said. “Bob is right.”

In his report, road supervisor Steve Patterson said about half the cinders order for this winter has been delivered. He added that they don’t have any salt. Miller said he is working on salt bids. Salt prices are up significantly this year and many jurisdictions are having problems getting bids.

Miller added that The Shelly Company plans to do the chip and seal projects this week which will wrap up this year’s resurfacing projects.

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