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Residents reaching ‘their boil-over point’


I was a long-time resident of the Buckeye Lake area and have a interest in the lake’s health. The whole time I heard the same story from the State of how they were going to remedy the situation by doing this and that, like reducing the horsepower limits, or adding more “No Wake” areas.

Very little was done, except for dropping the lake level this spring, stranding a lot of boats in their docks, and causing harm to a lot of small businesses around the lake and causing harm and hardship to wildlife.

Now, I guess the situation has gotten more drastic and flighty measures have been done. I have noticed, one company hired by the State says one thing, and another assessment of the situation suggests another. I think it’s time for the residents to hire a assessment company of their own, without any State influences to see just what is what, and then suggest a course of action and submit that proposal to the state.

I am not personalty a expert, but why can’t the state replace the old dams that are in danger of failing with new dams instead of a putting a “Band aid” on existing dams or adding new Earthen dams? Earthen dams, in my opinion, are only good in still areas, like ponds, not in a recreational lake where they will have to endure almost constant pounding from boat-traffic.

And while the states addressing problems, what do they plan to do about Cranberry Marsh, there are protected plant species there that cannot be found anywhere else in the state! Whatever the state does, it had best do it and fast! I think the residents of Buckeye Lake have reached their boil-over point!

Jack Dusan
Former Buckeye Lake resident

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