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Residents encouraged to keep interest in township zoning issues


I would like to thank those residents who attended the April 18 Thorn Township Zoning Commission Meeting. I’m sure that you were both informed and enlightened. I would like to encourage your interest in zoning and attendance at the meetings. The effect and personal impact zoning has on our individual lives is too important not to become involved. I did not get involved until it affected me personally. With that lesson learned, I am encouraging other residents to become educated about zoning and the far reaching effects it has before it affects their lives. We can bring about change by getting involved and using the democratic process to make our voices heard.

In addition to letting the zoning commission know how we feel, it is also important to let the trustees know how we feel. The zoning commission only recommends. Trustee have to enact the recommendation to make it effective. It takes an unanimous vote by the trustees to override the commission’s recommendation.

Trustees are our elected officials who appoint the members of the zoning commission. They are also very aware of our concerns about zoning issues. I encourage you to speak with your trustees about your personal concerns with zoning and to attend their meetings which are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the township hall on East Columbus Street in Thornville.
Robert Reed
Thorn Township

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