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Resident responds to dock removal threat


This is my letter responding to an ODNR letter giving me 14 days to remove my West Bank dock.

Dear Mr. Obermiller,

Your letter of March 26,2015 regarding our dock gives us 14 days to remove the dock and threatens us with damages because you have‘ recently became “aware” that the dock is “impermissibly constructed on state property.” We purchased our house approximately 16 years ago including the dock. We have paid a fee every year for this dock(2014 copy attached). The dock has existed back to 1986 at least.This directly contradicts your statement that you“recently became aware of the installation.”

Our dock is directly across from your Leib’s Island office and your department is on record stating the dam is inspected daily by ODNR. How did this recently come to your attention, why did you cash my checks, how is it that we have receipts labelled “PRIVATE DOCK-PRIVATE DOCK STATE”?

You’ve known about this dock for more than 30 years, we’ve been paying our fees, it poses no current threat to the dam (water depth 12’’at my house),and you haven’t even hired an engineer yet for the dam repair project. There is no emergency.

We get that fixing the dam means our dock (and 300 of our neighbor’s docks) will be displaced. No problem, although we would like to put it back in some form when the time is right. The need to do it in 14 days and the need to use threats requires explanation.

Please put together a reasonable plan and take back your threats.

Sam Batson
West Bank

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