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Report from the Village: Update on water discussions

The Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG) requires every police officer to have eight hours of training per year in order to keep his/her commission as a police officer.This training can be done either by going to classroom training or by a computer program supplied by OHLEG. Our computers and the program were supplied by OHLEG through the state Homeland Security Program.

Buckeye Lake officerswho have completed the eight hours of training are: Capt. Hanzey, Ptl. Staggers, Ptl. Pennybaker, Ptl. Vermaaten and Ptl. Petrey.

Officerswho are in the process of completing the training are: Chief Small, Cpl. Edwards, Ptl. Loy, Ptl. Glover, Ptl. Kissler and Ptl. Justice.

I also have to complete this training and I have completed the first two lessons and I found it to be an outstanding training course.

Captain Hanzey is drafting a fiveyear plan for the police department and he should have it finished soon. This will be the guideline for the police department in the future and will govern the actions of our officersand departmental policies.

The Open Meetings Law states that all governmental meetings must be posted so that the public may attend those meetings. The village posts the dates and times of all meetings in order that the public can attend and we encourage everyone to come and voice their opinions on the various subjects that are being discussed. This is a way to let the council and the mayor know how you feel about projects or events that effect the community. We would like to see everyone take part in the running of the community.

We would like to remind everyone that if you build a fence on your property that the smooth or finished side must face outward so that the public appearance looks nice. The posts that hold the fence must be on the inside toward the house or property. Failure to build the fence properly will lead to you having to remove it or otherwise make it legal. For information concerning this, or any other zoning information, contact Bob Jordan at 928-8751 or the village officeat 928-7100.

I have been asked to give more information on the water project so I will give you what we have done and are doing so far. First, we have three sources for obtaining village water. From Hebron, from Millersport, or by building our own system. This is why it is taking so long in getting village water to our residents. We have an enormous amount of information to gather to be sure that we are taking the best course of action and get the best deal possible for you. We not only have to gather the information but also analyze it to come up with the most economic way to go. As you know, monthly water bills take a front seat in making this decision. If you stop and think about it, this is a major task in itself. I know that it is taking a long time to get water to Buckeye Lake and our residents are wondering why, but, it is imperative that we have every scrap of information that we can obtain in order to make the best decisions. Also, there are organizations that are demanding that we do certain things before they will approve the system such as getting the existing wells cleaned and the water analyzed which will cost $25,000.00 which is our next course of action. We cannot proceed any farther until this is done. As you can see, some of these things cost a lot of money and that is one commodity that we are short of. So, we must obtain grants and resources from any place that we can get them and obtaining grants also takes a lot of time. They don’t give away money just for the asking. We have to have certain information and have required things accomplished before a grant is approved. Again, this takes a lot of time. However, we are starting to make more progress as we are meeting with engineers and others to get our ducks in a row before settling on one of the three sources of water. We are trying to get water as fast as we can but you know the old saying “Haste makes waste” and although residents want water “yesterday”, we want to be absolutely sure of what we are doing before getting you into something that you will regret later. We met with Kevin Wood of M&E Engineering on September 26 and he gave us the approximate monthly water bills for all three sources of water. If we build our own system the monthly bill will be approximately $45.63, if we go with Hebron, the bill will be approximately $57.51, and if we go with Millersport, the bill would be approximately $51.35. Of course these are only estimated figures and they could change after the water is fully operational.

The village just purchased the property adjacent to the firestation and will be developed for much needed parking. Work will begin as soon as all the paper work is done and we have the deed to the property which should be very soon.

I want to remind everyone about the loud noise in the village. The mayor had an article in the paper about it a few weeks ago. Loud music, barking dogs and any other noise that disturbs your neighbors is not allowed. Please keep those noises to a minimum.

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